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What qualifies for the 2nd Pair or Multi-Pair Discounts?

Applies to the same person only. Must be within 30 days of original purchase.

Is there a minimum term to qualify for benefits?

Benefits start right away, you will not have any bank accrued until after month 1 to spend. There is a 3 month minimum on the membership.

What is your price matching policy for members?

Guaranteed competitive pricing for our members, if you find a better deal out there we will beat all competitor pricing by 10%. Only available on exact comparisons.

Do discounts apply on all products?

Yes, for 98% of our products the membership discounts will apply.

In the event we cannot offer a discount on a specific product such as Maui Jim we will credit back the discount percentage of the product or service to the member account or bank.

Cancellation Policy?

30 day cancellation notice. Example: If you cancel on the 3rd and your membership renews on the 15th, you will be charged on the 15th as a last payment and your account will be active until the 15th of the following month. Your credit will remain for you to spend. No refunds will be given as per our refund policy.

Death or Moving and unable to use my Bank balance

You can come into clinic and use the bank at any time to clear it up or the Bank can be transferred once per annum to someone who can use it. This does not compound over the years. There is a 90 day grace period on a death that will allow the transferred bank to be used including the discounts allocated to the membership.

Expiry on unused credit?

No expiry on unused credit. Some restrictions apply, there is no liability on behalf of Eyes 360 in the event that the business no longer exists. Should this be the case the business will do what it can to inform the member with a minimum 30 days notice of closure.

What are the family add ons?

To add a family member to MyEyeBank, it is an additional $25 per month, this is available to immediate family only. Their bank will accrue monthly at the $25 and they will qualify for all the same savings.

What if I have Insurance &/or a Health Spending Account?

Health spending  and Insurance plans are the perfect addition to your bank! You can use a portion or all to kick starting your member benefits right away. This will vary based on individual coverages. Our concierge team will track when your plan resets to ensure you maximize your benefits and minimize your personal costs!

When will my charges occur each month?

Charges occur monthly on the date that you signed up.

Can I pause membership?

Membership can be paused for up to 3 months, during this time your membership benefits will not be active and as such discounts will not apply. Your “bank” will still be available to use at retail pricing.

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