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Who We Are

Dedicated to improving the optometry/ optical experience.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to changing the patient experience in optometry. We have a passion for looking good and feeling good. We are dedicated to providing a high quality experience to all of our members.

Stand Up Meeting

Our Story

It all started with Dr. Damon and Dr. Ranbir recognizing that the optometry industry in general has not changed to the new standard of business, this got them thinking about solutions for patients and optometrists. After a few innovative ideas were tested they brought in our Business Development Manager Chelsea to help. The team brainstormed and researched like crazy to find the perfect idea and solution. 

Through all of this there were some ideas completely kiboshed and others that lead us to the discovery of the BNKD idea. 

We are proud to provide membership options via the MyEyeBank solution, and be the first market in Canada to roll out this product! 

Our Passion is what drives us to find solutions for our patients and continue to seek ways to improve everyday!

If you are someone like us that wants simple solutions that keep your style updated and offers that keep your bank account happy, then one of our membership options could be a great fit for you!

Meet The Team

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